10 Elaborate Social Psychology Topics For Research Papers

Do you need help with your social psychology research paper? Not sure of where to begin, or how to start? Not to worry. We'll give you a helping hand to write a winning paper. The first task is to select a superb subject for your paper. You'll need an original and unique idea, and don't be afraid to tackle an issue that may be somewhat controversial.

How people interact with one another and how we behave in various situations is usually the focus of social psychology research. Here are ten topics for you to consider when that next assignment lands in front of you:

  1. Non-Verbal Communication

    Facial expressions, gestures and body position can all tell someone a lot about the way we feel, or how we are responding to a situation. What are we communicating when we lean towards someone, cross our arms, or roll our eyes?

  2. Discrimination And Prejudice

    How is a culture or a country's treatment of women, homosexuals or those of minority ethnic back rounds determined? What role does our family and upbringing play in the formation of our personal feelings on these subjects? Can discrimination be “unlearned”? Can tolerance be taught?

  3. Personal Appearance

    Why do we dress, do our hair and trim our nails? What do the colours we like to wear say about us?

  4. Social Control In Civil Society

    How do cults develop? What is the difference between membership in a cult and a church? What makes certain individuals more vulnerable to social control than others?

  5. Social Control By Governments

    What tools do governments use to achieve social control?

  6. All You Need Is ….Love?

    Do we choose who we love, or is it all preconditioned? Is it more societal or all about science?

  7. Leadership In Different Societies

    You could explore different theories on leadership (the “Great Man in History” theory etc) or examine how leadership rolls differ in various cultures. Do leadership roles develop out of necessity, habit or some other factor?

  8. Social Cognition

    What causes us to remember certain people or popular figures, and forget others? There are many separate theories in the field of social cognition, pick one and set out to defend (or destroy!) the assumptions upon which it was built.

  9. What Shapes Our Individual Attitudes And Behaviours?

    What are the most powerful forces that determine how we feel about other people, and why we behave the way we do? Do opposites attract? Or are we more comfortable with “birds of a feather”?

  10. Marketing And Propaganda

    What is the difference between the two? Or is there one? Do they affect and/or shape our societies and ourselves in the same way?