How to choose the best subject to write about among MBA term paper topics

Choosing a term paper topic is important for several reasons:

  • A great topic makes it much easier to research and write a great MBA term paper.
  • A great topic will impress the instructor and quite likely will improve your grade more than a poorly chosen topic, even if all else is equal.
  • A great topic will make doing the paper more enjoyable for the student, so they’re more likely to put forth a good effort, resulting in a better overall paper.

As this list shows, the choice of topic is very important. However, many students don’t know how to go about choosing an excellent topic for their MBA term paper. These strategies can help anyone trying to go through the difficult process of topic selection in no time. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Review your course materials.
  2. One of the best places to start in your search for a great topic is the texts and materials you used in your course (or that you’ve been assigned to read in the future for your course). There are many advantages to starting here. For one thing, you know that it’s a topic your instructor will approve of, as they’ve designed the course curriculum and wouldn’t include topics they didn’t like. Also, some of your research will already been done for you, or you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by doing your coursework and research concurrently.

  3. Make a list of course related topics you have further questions about.
  4. A term paper is a chance to delve deeply into a topic and learn something new, so why not choose something about which you’re already curious? Skim the materials for your course that interest you and make a note of particular questions you have.

  5. Narrow down your topics.
  6. Go through your list of questions and rule out those which would be too difficult to research, or wouldn’t offer enough material for a term paper of the length which you’ve assigned. By now you should have a few good options. Now, determine which of those questions can be phrased as a strong main idea for an organized term paper. Write a few sample thesis statements and choose the one that looks the best. Before fully committing to researching your new topic, do some preliminary searches online just to make sure there’s enough information out there.