The Creative Approach To Your Homework Assignments

Some people simply refuse to do things the same way as everyone else. These are the creative thinkers, who are always looking for a unique solution or an innovative method. Instead of merely following instructions, they must re-write the directions and find a better way. In every group of people, there is usually one or two of these personalities; individuals who simply refuse to do things the same way as everyone else.

In some situations this eccentric mind set can get you in trouble. For example most academic institutions prefer that there students follow the rules and regulations at all times. This especially rings true in regards to their homework policies. Students are expected to do there own homework, in an organized and timely fashion, and hand it in before the final deadline.

Basically, there really is no room for "creative thinking" when it comes to completing your homework. Coursework is usually graded by standardized criteria and therefore is expected to be prepared and formatted properly. Some would say that there is no room for "creativity" in the world of academics. Others may look at this as a challenge to take a more creative approach to getting homework done.

20 Ways To Be Creative With Your Homework

In the past, there have been some clever methods used by students to fight these stale attitudes. Below we've included some unique methods for completing homework that you may draw a bit of inspiration from.

  1. Hire a professional to complete your assignment for you.
  2. Rewrite an academic text using your own words
  3. Break into groups and split the assignment up so that everyone completes a different section, then exchange answers.
  4. Turn your homework questions into a quiz or game that you play with your friends
  5. . Write you book report about a comic book
  6. Base your essay thesis on a song quote from your favorite band
  7. Quote popular television and movies as your cited resources.
  8. Interview yourself for a personal essay
  9. Draw inspiration from modern art
  10. Illustrate your paper using cartoon characters
  11. Compare everything to Star Wars
  12. Create an elaborate presentation, which includes costumes and a dramatic monologue
  13. Add props.
  14. Answer all of your homework questions with another question... like on Jeopardy.
  15. Trick your parents into doing your homework for you
  16. Create a photo journal illustrating "how your dog actually ate your homework".
  17. Post your paper as an online blog.
  18. Get the assignment from a past graduate and just re-write it using your own words.
  19. Pay your little brother to do it... he will do a good job.
  20. Write your entire paper in a foreign language. Like Klingon.