Crafting A Top-Quality Persuasive Essay About Racism

A persuasive essay is a composition that can persuade readers about a certain idea, as a rule, the one that you believe in. You can choose any topic for your persuasion essay, it’s only necessary to make sure that you have a precise point of view on the subject. Below, you will find a plan that will help you compose a brilliant essay about racism.

  1. Take your time.
  2. Think about the topic carefully. Give attention to arguments and points of view you would really like to defend. Don’t hurry: evaluate everything carefully.

  3. Be interested.
  4. Even if you are not interested in problems of racism, or if the topic you were given does not match your own point of view, try inventing a position that would suit both. The more you are interested in the topic, the more interesting the paper will be.

  5. Think about opposite points of view.
  6. If you give attention to opposing arguments, your research will go deeper. You will keep opposing arguments in mind as you research your point, so you will have good counter arguments in advance.

  7. Compose an introduction.
  8. A good introduction is the part of the project that attracts the attention of the readers. Make sure that the introduction contains a thesis statement that describes the direction of the essay in a nutshell, as well as a so-called hook: a phrase or a fact concerning racism that will catch the attention of the readers.

  9. Prove your point of view in body paragraphs.
  10. Before you begin your persuasive essay, make sure that you have compiled enough argument points. Don’t just state, “Racism is bad and everyone knows it”. Express your thoughts with the help of more weighty arguments like: “Numerous crimes have been committed on the basis of racial prejudice,” or, “Racial prejudice has no grounds because all humans have the same number and organization of organs, the same feelings, and the same opportunity for mental development.”

  11. Discuss opposing arguments.
  12. It will make your research more persuasive because you will have a chance to discredit opposite points of view before they are voiced.

  13. Write a conclusion.
  14. You can paraphrase your own introduction and write a good conclusion that will show that you have reached the goal of the research.

  15. Don’t make the paper too long, but don’t cut it short, either.
  16. Both too long and boring and too short and unclear essays look quite poor, so your points can be dismissed. Avoid both vague parts (that should be deleted) and unclear ones (that should be explained).