Suite yourself with strong argumentative essay topics for high school

There are many ways to find a good topic to write an argumentative essay about. First off make sure you know what an argumentative essay is. As this is a form of essay that the student must develop an argument for or against the topic. This is done by investigating a topic thoroughly. Research it and develop a point of view pro or con, and then present it. The presentation has to be brought forward in a concise manner that anyone reading it will understand your point of view.

Good places to find these topics will be your school library, Public Library, and your teacher. By following these pointers you can develop a strong essay.

  1. Journals
  2. Books
  3. Accepted videos (if the school allows this)
  4. Accepted sites on the internet
  5. Newspapers and services
  6. Teacher’s outline

These are places that you can get topics for your essay.

News services

Newspapers and news services, are good places because often you can find an issue. One that is being covered in the news, that may fit within your teacher’s guidelines. This is not always a sure thing but always worth the look.


Even most high schools will carry a few journals in them. A student can look through these, if they are on the area that the topic would be found. For science related essays, you might try science magazines.


Look through books on the subject the teacher wants the topic from. These can present different points of views if they are written correctly. As there could be one pro and one con. People may agree with the outcome of an idea, but not the way the process is done. They may disagree just as easily for different reasons. To make a good argument, you should cover these and show why with your own evidence.


Some schools will allow videos, while some will not. Always ask to find out. If they do, these can present a lot of good information for an argumentative essay.


Many schools now are allowing the internet. Be sure that the sites you use are either a .ed or a .org. These are recognized as having more useful information. But again ask to make sure you can use the internet.

Teacher’s Outline

When a teacher gives you an assignment, they will usually outline what they want it on. That will be your subject, it is up to you to find the topic in that subject. The outline is your guideline, as they will let you know what they are looking for. Use that to help you find what your topic will be.