A Guide For Writing An Argumentative Essay

College is about learning more not only about your Major or Minor, but also about yourself. You will learn who you are, what you want (at least in broad terms), who your friends are and which the path is for you. Of course, you may change all these things throughout your future life, but a lot of the lessons about life you receive in college will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Argumentative essays can be both extremely pleasant to write and they can be downright headache-inducing as well. The truth about these essays is that they will always be considered quite easy to do, but that many of those who see them very easy to deal with will also make major mistakes about them as well.

There are certain rules every essay out there should have regardless of whether the essay is descriptive or argumentative. Keeping these in mind can give you some brief guidelines on what to do with your own argumentative essays too:

  • Always make sure that you are very clear about stating your argument at the beginning of the essay.
  • Be firm on your position.
  • Always bring arguments that are valid and which you can sustain with facts and details.
  • Never allow yourself to be too personal, no matter how touched you may be by the subject of your choice.
  • Stay distant (or as much as possible) because this increases your credibility.
  • If you need to, bring famous people’s and other researchers’ arguments with you, but do make sure to cite them no matter what.
  • Put emphasis on your ending because this is what everybody will remember.
  • Make your beginning captivating and interesting even for someone who is not actually interested in the subject.
  • Keep your structure clean: introduction, arguments and conclusion. Also, make sure that each paragraph starts with a topical sentence and that it will be the one thing described in that paragraph.

Keep in mind that writing argumentative essays on touchy themes such as abortion can always be difficult, but that you will have to keep yourself distances in their cases as well. Do make sure that your arguments are very well elaborated (and very much backed up by scientific data) and that you will actually want to convince someone that this is your opinion and that it is correct according to these arguments you have brought to sustain/demolish an abortion-related theory.