How to Edit the Final draft of Your Essay

Writing an essay is a challenging task, but for many writers the editing process is even more challenging. When essays were handwritten, writers were able to edit as they rewrote them. Now, with weird processing, writers have a difficult time editing because they are not forced to rewrite like writers in the past were. However, because of the ease of using word processing programs, there are many different ways to get used to editing apps to perfect final drafts.

Reading with Fresh Eyes

Since students have spent so much time writing their essays, they gave difficulty noticing mistakes. In order to see the essay with fresh eyes, students can read their essays front the end to the beginning. It will be very strange at first, but students will notice minor mistakes. Another technique that help bring fresh eyes unto the procedure is to read from the end to the beginning, but reading the last sentence from the first word to the last word. Students continue to read each sentence until they get back to the beginning. If students read the sentences out loud, they will heat the mistakes and be able to repair them before submitting them for a grade.

Find a Friend Who Will Help

Another useful way to find the mistakes is to find a friend or relative who will read the paper for you. There is nothing wrong with getting an evaluation from a new reader. Fresh eyes, especially those belonging to someone who has not every read your essay before, will have a much easier time alerting you to the mistakes that are still in your essay. If you have friends in the same class, you can trade papers with each other so you both can benefit from fresh eyes looking at the assignment.

Use an Editing App

If you do not have a person to help you edit, you can also access the many free websites that will edit your essays for you. Many of the website work by allowing you to copy and paste your text into their editors. The apps will look for specific issues, like grammar errors and age appropriate writing. The sites will find what is wrong and what is right with your essays, but they will not fix them. You will have to fix your essays based on the suggestions that the apps make.