6 Prompts For Outlining An Article

Writing articles can be a stressful occasion for some people. Its the gathering of information and crafting it into a beautiful piece of work that is what baffles them. While the art of crafting the perfect paper can be a hard thought for some to process, it can be achieved. It can be achieved through a variety of ways to include the outlining of an article.

When it comes to outlining an article there are a few things that one should do.

You should first establish a thesis. Your thesis is a sentence that outlines your stance on a particular issue related to the topic at hand. You should also note what the theme of your paper is and guidelines that the paper should follow, which is given out by the article requester.

The do your research. Facts that you run across in your research will undoubtedly become your main ideas and supporting facts throughout your paper. If you are having trouble coming up with main ideas that you think your paper should focus on, the research will help you to establish a few.

After the research has been conducted you should map out your topic and main ideas. You can do this using a mind mapping tool. A mind mapping tool requires you to brainstorm and collect information concerning the topic at hand. 

When outlining start with your thesis at the top of the paper. Afterwards list your main ideas by order of importance. Then using the research you collected make sure to list out your supporting facts related to each main idea. You should list the research you will be referencing in your outline as it will be easier to retrieve while writing the paper. If you have not done your research before trying to put together your outline that is okay. You can make generalizations that are relevant to the topic and look for research that supports these claims after the outline has been constructed.

Always keep in mind your thesis when you are outlining your paper. Each main point and supporting fact needs to reflect back to the thesis.

Be sure to stick to only the strongest facts. All other facts and research should be supporting details. The stronger the facts and research the better your paper will be when you start writing.

If you do you research, have strong claims and supporting facts you can produce a great outline and ultimately a great paper.