Custom Essay Writing Companies: What They Offer

Custom essay writing companies can be extremely useful to students for a variety of reasons among which are:

  • Lack of understanding of the topic
  • Time constraints
  • General unwillingness to do the assignment
  • Unforeseen special circumstances (such as illness, natural disasters etc)
  • Unreasonable expectations

To deal with these issues, essay writing companies offer the following services:

Proofreading and Editing

Not everyone needs to have their entire essay written for them. Some students may be comfortable completing all the writing and research on their own but feel uncertain about their ability to recognize and correct glaring errors. This is especially true of good students coping with dyslexia or other similar learning disabilities. Other students can also benefit from this service when they are too exhausted to proofread their work thoroughly and can’t find a friend to assist with the process.

Entire assignments

Some students really do need the whole paper completed by a professional. Writing companies will offer this service primarily and without judgment for the most part. The student has the responsibility of explaining the assignment in detail to ensure that the writer understands precisely what is expected. This can be tricky if the teacher or lecturer who will be correcting it has a few unique requirements that aren’t common in the academic world.

Essay Topics

For students who may lack that creative spark or just not feel motivated to brainstorm topics, writing companies can provide a list of topics that reflect a particular theme or may be tailored to a specific essay type. Some writing sites actually provide this service for free as a way of attracting more traffic and encouraging visitors to try out the other services. Custom created topics would cost more but they reduce the risk of your topic being used repeatedly by other students with a similar internet search history.


With the many different formats in use by academic writer, it can be hard to figure out how to write what, especially when you are studying in two very different fields at once. Writing companies can take your work and re-format it so that it meets the APA, MLA, Chicago Style or any other format’s requirements. This can save you a great deal of stress if your work is otherwise complete.

This covers the basic services most writing companies provide. Some give a bit more and others less so always ask in advance what you can get from your provider of choice.