How to Structure an Analytical Essay

An analytical essay is meant to analyze a specific topic and present an evaluation as well. There are specific guidelines that should be followed when structuring your analytical essay. When writing this essay you should provide the reader with support of all your comments which indicates to the reader that your comments are accurate. This process of verifying or proving your comments is called an analysis. The key function of an analytical essay is to display to the reader your ability to analyze and evaluate a particular problem or situation remembering that all content should remain impartial right through to your conclusion. In order to write an accurate analytical essay the writer needs to rid themselves of all prejudices and begin the piece with an open mind offering the reader only factual content.

The Topic

Begin by presenting what the situation or problem is that you are going to be analyzing. Give a brief but thorough explanation in the form of an introduction as to what the problem is, offer the reader a brief but concise background of the problem and close this opening paragraph by sharing with the reader your intentions as to how you will resolve the problem. This content should be one summary paragraph that is constructed with the use of keywords that grasp the attention of your reader quickly.

The Body

Next create the main body of your content. The body should be approximately three paragraphs providing an explanation of both negative and positive points of your topic. With each point listed offer clear support of your comments to prove your accuracy. Each paragraph should be similarly constructed and consist of topic sentences followed by a brief explanation of each sentence written with the use of connecting words and phrases that connect these thoughts back to your original problem and allow the reader to follow your thoughts easily. The body comprises the main portion of your essay so be certain that the information you provide here is direct and that you are supporting your every argument.

The Conclusion

Finally you will need to write your conclusion. It is here that you will summarize your essay putting emphasis on your point of view. Your conclusion should be only one paragraph and should tie back to your introduction offering the reader conclusive evidence that your comments and opinion are indeed supported.