What's The Point of Free Essays Online

There is no value in getting free essays online because this cheapens your educational experience and you cheat your teacher out of reading insightful and original essays from you based on your research interests and what is discussed in class. You also don't grow intellectually as a student when you buy free essays online and you need to exercise your brain in order for your memory and thinking skills to be sharpened. If poor time management is the reason why you buy free essays online, you should seek ways to manage your time wisely by setting aside a few hours during the week to write the essay. Here are other ways you can avoid the need to get free essays online.

Basic Expository Essay Tips

When you prepare an expository essay, you should start with a catchy yet intelligent introduction that leads to your thesis statement. For example, if you are writing an essay about the state of mental health services in America, you can start with recent statistics on the issue then proceed to talk about current ideas on how wider access to mental health services can be offered. Once you decide on the thesis statement you would proceed to three paragraphs that validate your claim. Finally, you would close with a strong and though-provoking conclusion.

First Draft Shouldn't Be Your Final Draft

Most successful writers know that their first draft will not be the draft that they turn in because as a writer you will need to revise your essay at least once before you turn it in. You should proofread the essay for factual inaccuracies and grammatical errors because several teachers take off points for minor errors.

Watch Out for Appearances of Plagiarism

While most students desire to turn in original work, they may need to refer to research sources in order to validate claims in the essays. When you use the work of scholars in your essay, be sure to attribute quotes to the scholars or write their thoughts in your own words. This is important because teachers do not favor plagiarized material and you'll get a bad grade for it.


When you write a well-researched and organized essay, you will not only get a good grade but you will become a better expert in the topic you chose. If you feel you need additional practice in writing essays, it would be a good idea to pick a random topic and write an essay on it so your essays will be better in the future.