Discussing important issues in application essays

Application essays are your first step into the door of the rest of your life. If that statement sends a thrush of worry through you, never fear. There are some simple guidelines to follow when discussing important issues in application essays- more like the dos and don’ts that can either open a door or close the door on your application.

Be Honest

There is nothing worse that lying about an important issue in a college application essay. Truth matters. When discussing an important issue, it will be evident on whether or not you are being honest, believe it or not. There is no point in trying to fabricate an opinion that is not really yours. Yes, you want to answer a question to the best of your ability, but if you really don’t believe what you are writing, the reader won’t either.

Be Thorough

One of the problems that many individuals have when writing their application essay is that they do not go into enough detail when discussing important issues. A vague answer may not answer the question. Colleges have limitations as to what they can ask, but when it comes down to an important issue like what your career goals are or to elaborate on an experience that was life changing, they are looking for details to back up your point. Make sure that you answer the who, what, where, when, why and how so that your admissions counselor can have a clear idea of what your standpoints on important issues are.

Be Yourself

Admissions essays are the first opportunity that a college has to see into the life of the person who wants to attend their institution. If you try to represent yourself and someone you are not, you are cheating the college and yourself. Sometimes colleges will not accept an application because the person does not seem to fit the profile of what they are looking for. If you aren’t yourself when you are talking about important issues, how will a college truly be able to gage whether or not that school is right for you and your potential career path?

These three concepts may seem like no brainers, but you may be surprised to learn that many college application essays don’t follow the suggestions provided above. College admissions counselors can read through information and filter out what is relevant, truthful and makes a true statement about the applicant. So, make sure that you are honest, thorough and you are yourself when you are discussing important issues in application essays.