Where Can I Find a Research Paper Title Page Example

It is important to prepare a good research paper title page because it makes the first impression on your supervisor. A messy title page can make your paper look careless, so he or she will search for mistakes and lower your grade. In many cases, your professor will provide specific requirements on what kind of information should be represented on the title page; you have to follow all of them. Either way, the standard elements of any title page should include your name, university affiliation, due date, title of a research paper, class title, and the teacher’s name.

It is common that students have some doubts about the title page formatting. To some extent, you can demonstrate your personal style, but your professor will check if you follow the general recommendations, such as:

  • Do not use more than two fonts.
  • The text should be readable.
  • Do not place figures and pictures unless they are necessary.
  • Choose either left or right margins.
  • It is recommended to print a title page using black ink.

You can find numerous research paper title page examples online. Search for strong and clean title pages; they can be found in several places:

  • University libraries

    Visit your university library and ask a librarian about sample research papers you can borrow. Take them and study the formatting of title pages. It also makes sense to take a formatting manual and follow the general guidelines. Many manuals and formatting handbooks contain numerous examples of title pages.

  • Academical writing centers

    Your academical writing center has different collections of research papers and materials on formatting styles. You can ask an instructor about what title page you can use as an example. It is also a good idea to prepare a title page and ask him or her to check it.

  • Student study groups

    Other students also have to write different assignments, so they know how to format title pages. Find students who have prepared research papers and have approved title pages. They can also provide links to online collections of materials that can be helpful when you work on your paper.

  • Educational agencies

    The easiest way to get several free examples is to search online. You are likely to find websites of educational agencies. They provide free examples of assignments and online tutoring services, so you can use an existing collection or ask a tutor to pick the best examples for you.