3 Tips for Writing An Argumentative Essay

The purpose of an argumentative essay is to present an argument on a certain topic and then give evidence of the argument through your research and other examples. Never use illogical points and examples as evidence for your argument because the professor will notice them right away and you could get a bad grade on the essay for it. You should also stick to the topic at hand and not go into multiple topics in one essay since it makes the paper look scrambled.

Use Credible Research Sources

You should always use credible research sources when seeking evidence and examples to prove your point because you cannot use just your own opinions to support your claims. For example, if you're arguing that the civil rights movement caused more harm than good to the African-American community, you would seek out scholarly journal articles, case studies of communities of African-American families shortly after the ending of the civil rights movement and interviews with experts who can adequately prove your point.

Never Choose Overly Researched Topics

If you want your argumentative essay to be unique, you shouldn't copy topics that have been written on constantly such as childhood obesity, dangers of psychiatric drugs on the brain, public school reform, or same sex marriage. Instead choose something that your teacher and classmates have never thought about before, and it should be a topic that makes them want to research it further.

Stay Away From Put Downs

Just like a verbal debate, it's possible to belittle those who oppose your views in an argumentative essay. Avoid doing this because your paper will look more like an angry complaint letter. Instead you should present both sides of your argument and be gracious in stating why you hold to a certain viewpoint.


An argumentative essay is something you cannot write within a few hours so if you've been assigned an essay, you want to prepare the essay at least a week before the due date. Gather your research on the day you're assigned the paper so that you can start typing the paper quickly. If you need assistance you should talk with the teacher and meet with the campus writing lab. Finally, you should organize your research so that you'll know what you want to include in the essay. Always proofread the paper before you turn it in to the teacher.