Why Mathematics Assignments Are So Complicated?

Students around the world find math very difficult. There are a very few students who are comfortable in doing math assignments. The reason for this is that math is a complicated subject. All other subjects are mostly theoretical and students can get some sense out of it even by reading it on their own. Math is however different

  • It does not have theoretical explanations
  • It has formulas that can be hard to remember
  • It takes a lot of time and effort for an average student
  • It requires remembering past courses that are usually forgotten by students

Students have a hard time learning math problems and getting used to math because it needs logical thinking. Teachers usually don’t have enough time and energy to explain individually to every student. If most of the class understands a certain concept and only a few students are left behind the teacher will not bother to repeat it for them. This way some weak students will not understand a certain topic.

Why is math a complicated subject?

As we have discussed above that this subject is least theoretical and only a certain type of students are good at it. Those are natural in calculations and figures. To all the other students it is a night mare.

  • It is difficult because it is time consuming
  • It demands attention and dedication on the student’s end
  • It demands enough practice and most students tend to avoid writing practice. Math is a subject that cannot be learned orally.

Students tend to avoid learning complicated formulas and always use their books as a reference. No matter how many times the teachers ask them to practice math questions on their own they prefer to avoid it. Most of the students take math as a complex subject that they are unable to learn. They have already made a perception in their minds and are not able to break out of it for the rest of their lives. It is not the case however. Math is very easy if you practice it.

It is essential to have enough written practice to get a good hold of the subject. Students want to get a good grade without even trying. This is not possible in case of math. In other subjects you may be able to pull off because you can somehow relate to them and manage to write few lines about each topic just by simply looking at the question but in math you cannot do so.